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Setting the Car in Motion

When I arrive home in the afternoons, I can count on one of two things being true. Either Rachel has supper on the stove or she has an idea what we will eat. That is her role and she fulfills it with few exceptions. She also trusts that I will provide for the family, which is my role. No one can fulfill either of those two roles for us, in our family.

Jesus has set the example for service in His church. He is, as we will discuss in our sermon Sunday, the “Deacon of deacons,” that is, the “Servant of servants.” He is God, the Sovereign Ruler of the universe, who knelt on the floor and cleaned the dirt and toe jam from the feet of His disciples. As we have pointed out before, Jesus’ ministry is divided into three large areas: Encouragement, Teaching, and Benevolence. He has left these tasks in the hands of Christians to fulfill on His behalf, through His church.

Elders. Preachers. Deacons. Swartz Creek is in need of more deacons to “pick up the towel” and serve Christ by serving the church. We will present a long list of areas in which the church is engaged, in encouragement, teaching, and benevolence. Some of those areas already have deacons serving in them; many do not.

Just as with my home (and likely yours), the Swartz Creek church family will function more smoothly, reach more people, and be more efficient if we will accept certain roles that fit our personalities and our nature, and fulfill those roles as well as we can. If roles do not get filled, then ministries either fail for lack of leadership or they limp along because those who are overseeing them have too many things they are doing already.

If you take a look at 1 Corinthians 12:28, you see that God gave the first-century church a number of miraculous gifts (I count eight just in that one verse), which illustrate how He divides up labor. In this way, every person is involved but no one person is overloaded.

Deacons are the wheels of the church, setting the “car” in motion in all of our areas of service. We need more to keep us running.

-    Paul

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Good morning!

Once again, I’m happy that all of you are here this morning! As you read this, I am likely in Henderson, Tennessee for the annual FHU Lectureship. I look forward to seeing you in person again this time next week! It’s always an encouraging thought to know that, though I’m 716 miles away, we’re both worshipping the same God on the same day. Though we’re apart, we’re all part of the same family.

It’s hard to believe we are already a month into this New Year. It seems like every February, I have that overwhelming feeling that time really goes by too quickly. I want to express what we discussed last Sunday at our youth devotional. Often in our New Year, we discuss new beginnings and how, if the last year was not our best, we can “turn over a new leaf” this New Year. Well, now we’re 1/12 into the year 2014, and my guess is we’ve all fallen to a sin or temptation at some point. We’ve all proved that we aren’t perfect. Luckily, God does not measure time in years, months, weeks, etc. like we do. We always have the opportunity to change for the better.

David, after being confronted by Nathan for his sin with Bathsheba, wrote the 51st Psalm. In verses 10-12, he prays this: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

We, like David, can and should pray this prayer. Unfortunately, we are imperfect. We have a Heavenly Father who understands that, and sent his perfect Son to die for us, so that we have a chance to come back to him, have our hearts made clean, and have our spirits renewed, not at the start of each new year, but whenever it is needed. Isn’t it a blessing to be a child of God?!