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The Swartz Creek Church of Christ first met as a congregation on February 14, 1965. Attendance that Lord's Day consisted of 115 for Bible classes, 136 for morning worship, and 144 for evening worship. The establishment of the congregation, fully organized with elders and deacons, a building capable of seating 225 in the auditorium and eight classrooms, located on ten acres in a good location, was the result of three years of planning by the Bristol Road Church in Flint, MI. The elders of that congregation, along with Jack Gray, their minister , conceived and carried out the plan. Two of the Bristol Road elders, Guy Lawrence and Joe Sandefer; three deacons, Burles Holland, Earl Parish, and Ray Skellett, along with about sixty members of that congregation committed to work with the church in Swartz Creek, MI. Wayne Kilpatrick, originally of Huntsville, Alabama, was the first preacher for the congregation.

The church was well received in the area and began to grow almost immediately. It was able to support itself by April 18, 1965. The original building was soon outgrown and an addition was built. The added space consisted of an auditorium capable of seating 500 persons, additional classrooms, and more office space. This addition was dedicated on February 12, 1967. The church building was paid off and able to burn the original mortgage on November 30, 1986.

The year 2015 is our 50th anniversary of servicing God in Swartz Creek, Michigan